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Connected by the Call - Jane Wise serves as coordinator for Women Connected by the Call. In following preparation for the call of God on her life, she is a graduate of Valley Forge Christian College. Jane has enjoyed the unique position of being a pastor's wife both in New Jersey and in Brockton, Massachusetts. She led Bible studies and enjoyed involvement in music. For a season, attendance was about all of her involvement in church activities. She has been employed outside the home and in the church as well as a time as a stay at home Mom. Having experienced God's change in her own life and the practical help and instruction of God's Word, it is most fulfilling for her to see God's profound change in the lives of those who will allow Him to work. Experience gained from hard situations, strength gained from fellow ministry women and assurance of the faithfulness of God give a great foundation from which to work with Women Connected by the Call.

Jane's life has been molded and shaped by being married to Bob and parenting their 3 wonderful children, Dawn, Rob and Kristen. Now she has the awesome privilege of being influenced by 12 of the greatest grandchildren!


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    FRIDAY, March 3
      2:00 - 4:30pm - Fun, leisure, coffee & snacks
      5:00 - 6:30pm - Dinner together @ The Barn at Wight Farm, Sturbridge, MA
      7:00 - 8:30pm - Refreshing in the Spirit & Inspiration from other WCBC ladies @ SNEMN Center

    SATURDAY, March 4 *

      9:30 am @ SNEMN Center - Inspiration from other WCBC ladies
    10:50am - 12:00pm - Breakouts
    12:15pm - Communion Together
      1:00pm - Lunch on your own with Friends

    * Portuguese Sweet Bread, Coffee & Snacks available all day

    All acivities @ SNEMN Center, 307 Sturbridge Rd, Charlton, MA

    Lodging @ Comfort Inn, 215 Sturbridge Rd, Sturbridge, MA (508) 347-3306


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    choicesMy 90 year old mom lives with us. Needing the phone number of one of her friends, I paged through her address book. Written on the inside cover were these words, words she had probably jotted there when she was in her 70's. "Today's choices are tomorrow's future; past choices are today's reality." Sobering message, don't you think? Whatever age, the somber truth remains-- today's choices do shape our tomorrow and our past choices have woven to form our present reality.

    Each day is filled with choices. Some appear so small and insignificant that they seem to be of little consequence. But each one contributes to a larger plan. After reading these words, I have looked at each day more astutely. Each day I can choose to serve the Lord wholeheartedly or be apathetic. I can choose to forgive or become bitter. I can choose to be kind or be selfish. I can choose to reach out to others or remain alone. Each opportunity comes in a small package called choice.

    What realities are you experiencing today that reflect your past choices? Maybe you now have a degree because you chose to study and work hard in college. There were days when college was not easy and you felt like quitting, but you made the choice to continue. And now, you reap the benefit of small choices to get out of bed, go to class, work and study.


    Women Connected By The Call
    March 3 & 4, 2017
    Annual Network Conference
    May 22, 2017
    Minister's Retreat
    October 25, 2017

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