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  • Catalyst Cohort Package, 10/4/17-10/7/17

    Over the past nine years, hundreds of SNEMN leaders have journeyed to Atlanta for the annual leadership conference.   We have learned the most effective results from this trip is a combination of content and community.   The conference always brings great leadership content, but what brings application is the community of leaders you travel with. Over meals, coffee, and traveling, conversations around that days talks provide real application. Often, the relationships developed in those conversations continue long after October.

    With this in mind, we are offering a Catalyst Cohort trip package this year. We want you (and your team if they are joining you) to travel together, eat together, attend the conference sessions together, and participate in intentional conversations together.   In short, we want you to experience the conference and community.

    The Catalyst Cohort package will include:

    - Conference Tickets

    - Reserved seating at the conference

    - Bus transportation from the airport on Wednesday

    - 3 nights hotel accommodations (Wednesday-Friday)

    - Wednesday evening meal and conversation

    - Transportation to and from the conference on Thursday and Friday

    - Thursday evening meal near the arena and conversation

    - Friday evening meal (at hotel) and conversation

    - Bus transportation to airport on Saturday

    You will be responsible for arranging your air travel. To be part of the Catalyst Cohort Package, you need to arrive in Atlanta no later than 5pm on Wednesday, 10/4/17 and depart no earlier than 7am on Saturday, 10/7/17.

    The total cost for this package is $399 (plus airfare) per person, double occupancy. 

    Register for the Catalyst Cohort Package

    We recognize this package is not for everyone, so we are offering our group ticket rate of $199. We will also include you in our reserved seating area for the event. You will be responsible for travel to Atlanta, travel in and around Atlanta and your food and hotel arrangements.

    Purchase tickets only for Catalyst

    If you have additional questions, contact Paul at 508 248 3711.

  • Catalyst Conversations


    The Catalyst Conversations have a different topic each month and are centered on sharing ideas on leadership and development. The overflow of these conversations and gatherings allow Pastors/Leaders to lead with insight and wisdom shared from others who are working through similar situations. Attendance at the Atlanta Conference is NOT required to attend Catalyst Conversations

    The Catalyst Conversations are free and held at the SNEMNetwork office on the second Thursday of most months from 10:00am – 1:00pm including lunch. See the schedule below:

    Feb 8      Postponed to March 8th
    Mar 8
    April 12

    May 10
    June 14

    Sept 13

    Oct  3-5    Catalyt Conference in Atlanta, GA

    Nov 8
    Dec 13



  • History of Catalyst


    Catalyst was conceived as a Next Generation Leaders Conference in 1999 by Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, John Maxwell, Lanny Donoho and several young leaders. Catalyst was created to meet the felt need that existed within the church leader space for a leadership event that was focused on a new generation of church leaders. Everything within this space seemed built around a forty to sixty year old mindset and medium. This team was convinced that this needed to change.Catalyst

    Catalyst was able to meet that demand by creating a conference specifically focused on leaders under the age of 40. In October of 2000 in Atlanta, GA, partnering with North Point Community Church, Catalyst convened 1500 church leaders for this inaugural experience. With a unique approach to programming and learning, defined by a fun, dynamic attendee experience, leaders were personally challenged to become "change agents" within their organizations, churches and communities.  

    Since inception, over 100,000 leaders have made the annual trek to Atlanta to participate in the Catalyst Conference experience, and this October, once again over 12,000 young leaders will gather to experience Catalyst up close. In addition, over 3,000 leaders will gather for the Catalyst West Coast experience in Orange County, CA and 3,000 more will gather for the first ever Catalyst in Dallas.

    Leadership has been the topic of focus for the Catalyst brand since inception and will continue to be so. Catalyst and the annual Conferences provide a wide cover for addressing a variety of topics specific to Next Generation Leaders, including organizational leadership, personal leadership, integrity, character, relationships, and teamwork, among others.

    Over the last eleven years, Catalyst has grown in influence and reach, now offering three annual events on the East and West coast and in Dallas, regional One Day events, multiple resources, a dedicated online magazine, online community, the Filter content program, a bi-weekly podcast, and many other tools for young leaders. Catalyst has only just begun to go deeper with the Catalyst Community in taking them beyond a conference experience and into a relationship that provides ongoing support for growth and continued learning.



  •  Tuesdays at the SNEMN Annual Network Conference


    On Tuesday of the Annual Network Conference, the Catalyst lead team presents intensive leadership content. Click here to listen to past talks.  

     Name ReleasedPrice 
    Gordon MacDonald - Session 4   12/1/2015 Free View In iTunes
      2 Gordon MacDonald - Session 3   12/1/2015 Free View In iTunes
      3 Gordon MacDonald - Session 2   12/1/2015 Free View In iTunes
      4 Gordon MacDonald - Session 1   12/1/2015 Free View In iTunes
      5 5.19s Luis Miro   5/28/2015 Free View In iTunes
      6 5.19s Selwyn Bodley   5/28/2015 Free View In iTunes
      7 5.19s Sarah Malcolm   5/28/2015 Free View In iTunes
      8 5.19s Brian Krogh   5/28/2015 Free View In iTunes
      9 5.19s Scott Giordano   5/28/2015 Free View In iTunes
    10 5.20s James Lillie   5/15/2015 Free View In iTunes
    11 5.20s Anne Bates   5/15/2015 Free View In iTunes
    12 5.20s Randy Quackenbush   5/14/2015 Free View In iTunes
    13 5.20s Brian Tracy   5/14/2015 Free View In iTunes
    14 5.20s James_Collins   5/14/2015 Free View In iTunes
    15 5.21s Don Evans   6/23/2013 Free View In iTunes
    16 5.21s Dr David Arnett   6/23/2013 Free View In iTunes
    17 5.21s Paul Allen   6/23/2013 Free View In iTunes
    18 5.21s Sarah Malcolm   6/23/2013 Free View In iTunes
    19 5.21s Tim Moen   6/23/2013 Free View In iTunes
    20 5.22s #5 - Moving Toward Unity - Paul Martin   10/22/2012 Free View In iTunes
    21 5.22s #4 - Connecting People - Sean Wiles   10/22/2012 Free View In iTunes
    22 5.22s #3 - Developing Leaders - Karen Rydwansky   10/22/2012 Free View In iTunes
    23 5.22s #2 - Discipleship - Heath McCoy   10/22/2012 Free View In iTunes
    24 5.22s #1 - Leading Self - Dr. Don Meyer   10/22/2012 Free View In iTunes

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