Credential Candidates

All first time credential candidates must submit a pre-application questionnaire (click here to download) to the SNEMN credentialing office and it must be approved by your sectional Presbyter and your Pastor prior to officially starting the application process.  

Once a pre-application questionnaire is received, next steps will be communicated.

  • Credentialing Overview

    The Assemblies of God gives recognition to the following classifications of ministry:

    Certified Minister:
    Efficient helpers in gospel work who devote a part of their time to Christian service and where there is a need for this credential to accomplish ministry.

    Licensed Minister:
    Those who give clear evidence of a Divine call and whose desire is to devote their lives to preaching the gospel.

    Ordained Minister:
    Those who give proof of their call and whose mature ministry qualifies them for a wide range of leadership responsibilities in the full-time ministry. Applicants must be at least 23 years of age, be in full-time ministry and have held a License to Preach for two consecutive years.

    Local Church Credential:
    At the 2003 General Council, provision was made for the granting of a local church credential. The local church credential shall be non-transferable (limited to the issuing local church) and shall be limited to 2 years. A person holding a local church credential can perform the ordinances and ceremonies (sacerdotal functions) of the church if authorized in writing by the senior pastor of the local church issuing the credential.


  • Educational Requirements


    The General Council Bylaws (Article VII, Section 2, paragraph h) indicate that formal academic achievement is not a requirement for credentials; however, credentials applicants must meet the following criteria:

    1. Successfully complete equivalent coursework to that referenced in paragraph “2” below either in an endorsed Assemblies of God postsecondary school, or in a seminary, college, Bible college, district school of ministry, or school approved by the district credentials committee; or

    2. Successfully complete courses, prescribed by the General Presbytery, offered in correspondence through Global University—Berean School of the Bible (see list as follows).

    For applicants who completed coursework at an endorsed Assemblies of God college as a biblical studies major, ministerial studies major, or other church-related major as defined by the Commission on Christian Higher Education (which includes a course on Assemblies of God History, Missions and Governance), the following apply:

    Certified Minister — 2 years of coursework (~ 48hrs.)

    Licensed Minister — 3 years of coursework (~ 72hrs.)

    Ordained Minister — 4 years of coursework (~ 96hrs.)

    For applicants who completed coursework at an endorsed Assemblies of God college in a non-biblical studies or non-ministry related major, a transcript evaluation will be employed to determine what classes can be considered educational equivalents for coursework as noted in the list which follows.

    *Please note, if you are applying for a License Credential, all of the Certified courses must also be completed. In the same way, for Ordination all License and Certified courses must be completed.


    Courses Needed:

    Download PDF Educational Requirements & Courses Needed

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